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I strive to capture moments that are most important to you; providing the best in Denver wedding photography. I believe that the essence of life happens most when the focus is not directed into the lens of a camera but rather in the moment, and I work to embody this essence in my photographs.

I enjoy documenting life events as they are, and value the simple, unaltered, and natural beauty in my sessions.

I have been privileged to shoot at various wedding venues around Denver and throughout Colorado; experiencing a wide variety of styles.

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Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about your Denver wedding and the services and packages I offer.

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Denver wedding photographer Jeff Schlotzhauer offers the Denver brides the best in Denver wedding photography.

Have you selected your Denver wedding photographer?

Here are just a few things to consider when searching for a Denver wedding photographer

1. Style

Everyone has a unique style. Selecting a style that best fits your Denver wedding is key. Your wedding day is one you will remember forever. Having photographs that speak to your style and character is invaluable. These are the moments and memories that will hang on your walls for a lifetime.

2. Investment

Cost is often a huge factor in selecting a photographer for your Denver wedding. Although important, the photographs from your big day are the only memories you will have to cherish.

3. Add-ons

One thing you should ask yourself in the search for your Denver wedding photographer is: what sets them apart from my other options? What additional benefits are offered to make my investment worthwhile? Your photographer should provide you with 3 key things on your wedding day; a stress free experience, professional quality images documenting the full day’s events, and a keepsake item from the day. Most brides enjoy a custom made wedding album highlighting the big day.

4. Coverage

It is key to consider how many Denver wedding photographers will attend your event. Having multiple photographers ensures that the event is fully covered allowing the primary photographer to focus on capturing most impactful moments and not leaving anything out.

Hands & Feet Photography is a wedding photographer based in Denver, CO offering quality wedding photography services in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, and mountain regions, as well as the Greater Los Angeles CA region.

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